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Impartial Investigations are private investigators with representatives in Inverness and Glasgow and Leicestershire. With principal investigators who are highly experienced, we work for individuals, organisations and the legal community around the UK.

Why choose us? One of our partners began his investigating career back in the 1980s with very limited database access and no online computers. We can’t get now him off his PC as he has become a hi-tech tracing sleuth all over again. 

Secondly, we offer professional, discreet and cost effective solutions to a variety of problems, private and commercial. Our private detectives at Impartial Investigations always operate within the law.

The clients’ needs are the priority. You will have your own personal Case Manager. When you call, they will offer a sympathetic ear and outline possible courses of action.

Missing Persons – Long Lost Family

This is our speciality. Through our membership of the Association of British Investigators, we have contacts and have earned the trust to be provided with access to databases which help find people who have been out of touch with their families for some time – for whatever reason.

We still do legwork. Therefore, we will phone flatmates and neighbours and, pandemics permitting, we knock doors. Of course, we send letters and professional witnesses. We make sure our information to the client is as up-to-date as possible.

By finding the long lost family member and passing a message to tell them they are still missed, we end heartaches. Get more information on our family finding service here.

We also find debtors, do background checks, and carry out serious complaint handling Private investigators in Glasgow

Please go to our Services page to see what we offer along with workplace and commercial and all kinds of private investigations in Scotland..

We are private investigators in Scotland who may work for free

This is the bit our competitors find hard to understand. There may be some services for which we do not charge. This will usually involve unsolved or long-standing cases. We may think it right to help get a family the truth about what has happened

In conclusion, if you are involved in a case where you are not making progress, please give us a call.ire a private investigator. hire a private detective

Our credentials

Are we a trustworthy firm? Our two principals are Full Members of the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). The ABI is the most trusted body for the UK investigation industry. For instance, it checks the criminal records of all members. It checks whether they have valid public liability insurance. Lastly, they also check our knowledge of data protection issues (GDPR). Association of British Investigators

The ABI is included in the Law Society of Scotland approved contractor scheme. The ABI is working with the Law Society of England & Wales. Importantly, if you have any doubts, call the ABI.  Ask if Impartial Investigations is legitimate. Interested? To get in touch with us now, go to Contact Us.     16,961 views      UK Small Business Directory

We are hard-working private investigators in Scotland. Best private detectives in Scotland. 

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