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We find missing man from India in Glasgow

We find Indian manWe find missing Indian man in Scotland after four years

Instructed by a family member in early April 2021, we  began searching for a former Indian student who had come to Scotland more than a decade ago. They had not heard from him for four years. It was proving difficult and we decided this was not a job for checking electoral rolls or consumer databases.

The client had a single name, however, of a woman who had helped his brother years ago. Thankfully, the woman’s combination of first name and surname was fairly uncommon and there were only a few of them in central Scotland. Happily, the first one we found on social media matched a photo of her supplied by the client.

The old friend decides to help us

We quickly found out her address and wrote to her. We didn’t want to risk her being so cautious that she would decline a friend request on social media. When she got our letter, however, she was very helpful and phoned us straight back.

She quickly agreed the family should know their son was alive and told us how she knew the missing man from his former workplace. She had an address where she and her late husband had once visited him. That was a proper lead. Our man Dave went and knocked on the door. The new tenant there told him who had been there and he still had a name of one of the former occupants.

He had enough information about this former occupant for us to find out what he did. Luckily, his mobile number was actually published on the organisation’s website. We called him and he promised to pass on a message to his Indian friend.

We get the call

After getting a message to call us, the missing man phoned us that evening. He confirmed he was alive and well. There were issues, but he promised to contact his family in southern India soon. Our job was done.

Although our detailed report to them could not include an actual physical address for the man we found, his family in India were satisfied we had found him and they then settled their account with us.

This looked like it was going to be a very difficult and possibly protracted inquiry. However, we got the breaks and we wish to warmly thank everyone who trusted us and helped us get the right result.

April 2021

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