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Payment    How to pay Impartial Investigations

Standard Fee for tracing long lost family – £130.00.  

If you wish us to carry out a search for a relative or a friend, you will need to sign up first at impartialinvestigations.co.uk/authority . That form gives us written authorisation to work on your behalf.

If we find the Subject (the missing person), the fee of £130 is payable before we approach the Subject and tell them who is looking for them. If we are wrong, and it is not the subject, we will refund you the full fee.

In the form below, enter your name, email address, your card details and your postcode (or address, if asked for). Then press Click to Pay £65 by card below to pay the deposit. Just repeat the process to pay the balance of £65.00.


Thank you. If you haven’t yet done so, please fill in the instruction and Authority form at https://impartialinvestigations.co.uk/authority


We take all these cards and Paypal. If you wish, we can send you an invoice or you may pay by card over the phone. Or you may just transfer funds into our bank account. It’s up to you.

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