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The managing partners of Impartial Investigations are Mr David J Harris MABI and Mr John Maciver MABI. Mr Harris is a law graduate and has been a businessman.

We take assignments from around the UK

John first worked as a private investigator in the 1980s and has since also worked as a broadcaster, writer and has also helped run various businesses.

They recently investigated a major fraud and helped prepare the case for lawyers to take it to court. Based in Scotland, they will handle many kinds of investigations for companies and for individuals around the UK.

Investigating and interviewing is their forte. There is a right way and a wrong way to interview people and witnesses. Our investigators know how to put interviewees at their ease and encourage them to tell what they know.


red flag
Always beware of a red flag

There is a reason they have Impartial in our name. They report what they find without bias. Your report will set out what was learned and from whom. It also states what was not answered and by whom. These are the famed red flags in any investigation. Much can be learned from a person’s refusal to answer as any other reaction.

What’s hidden is usually the most crucial part of the evidence – not what people want to tell you to make you go away. The investigators may have a request from a client to make a recommendation.  That could be to decide whether or not there should be a disciplinary process. The client will get that recommendation in their report, if requested and if appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Impartial Investigations licenced? 

Sadly, there is no licencing or regulation in the UK in 2023. Despite various government pledges over the last 10 years, it has never happened. That means this profession has many crooks who will promise the earth but who, in fact, have no idea what they are doing. They watch Poirot and Sherlock Holmes and think I fancy doing that – that is often the extent of their training. If you fancy joining us, get trained and join one of the professional associations. We recommend the ABI.

How can I be sure Impartial Investigations is genuine and that they are who they say they are?

If you have any doubts about Impartial Investigations, you should contact the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). They have checked their credentials – the training, their experience, their financial standing, their public liability insurance, their knowledge of data protection, their police records, and so on. Get the ABI’s contact details at www.theabi.org.uk. If you choose an investigator who is not a member of the ABI, there is a chance that they have a police record.

Does Impartial Investigations have proper insurance in place in case of mishaps?

Yes, they do. They have public liability cover for £1,000,000.

Does Impartial Investigations have proper procedures in place if I have a complaint?

Yes, they do. If you have a complaint about the outcome of an investigation, the way it was done, the fees, or the conduct of their people, firstly put your complaint in writing to the Managing Partner at management@impartialinvestigations.co.uk. If you have not received a satisfactory response within 14 days, you may then take your complaint to our professional association, the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). Get the ABI’s contact details at www.theabi.org.uk.

How does Impartial Investigations achieve professionalism and trust?

Simple. They achieve that by being Full Members of the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). This is the only association in the industry that checks all its members’ backgrounds. Are they insured for public liability and also whether they understand how to process data legally under GDPR rules.

The ABI is alone in doing that as the only investigation industry body in the UK that takes the honesty of its members and their knowledge of data protection, and particularly GDPR, extremely seriously. Why do you think it is the sole approved supplier of Law Society of Scotland and is working with the Law Society of England and Wales?

Finally, a warning …

Many so-called private investigators are crooks. They want your money and are not interested in protecting anyone’s privacy and care less about data protection laws. Even top businessmen don’t check before they hire a private investigator. Billionaire businessman Elon Musk found out too late he had hired a crook when he took on fake and inexperienced blunderer James Howard-Higgins. There are many chancers out there like Higgins. He wasn’t a worldwide member of the ABI.

If in doubt, call the ABI. They will keep you right.

To get in touch with Impartial Investigations now, go to Contact Us.

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