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Testimonials because of we had successes is what we always hope for. Since we started as Impartial Investigations in 2020, we have had some great successes. As well as fraud investigations, we have found people who have been missing for a long time.

Testimonial – brother found after 50 years

In January 2021, we were asked by a Scottish man living in Australia if we could find his brother, Joe Bloggs – as we will call him. They had not spoken for 51 years which was when the missing brother was in University in Edinburgh. Our client had tried on social media for many years without success. We started the usual checks and because the missing brother had a common name, we had hundreds of possibles.  After a couple of months, we narrowed it down to a man in Paisley or a chap in Lancashire. We wrote to them both. Not them either.

It was just then we began subscribing to a new database which is particularly useful if you have a date of birth. Being his brother, or client had a DOB for the man we were after. First sweep, bingo. Same name, same date of birth, in South London. We sent a bike courier round with a letter. Our principal John will always remember when the found brother phoned us up and said: “This Joe Bloggs. I believe you’re looking for me.” Our investigator John fell off his chair. After 51 years, he phoned us. We may have popped a cork after that call. The brothers are now in regular touch and hope to meet soon – after pandemic restrictions allow.

In February 2021, the brother who is our client wrote on the forum Missing People Scotland“GREAT NEWS……. A couple of months ago, I posted that I was looking for my long lost brother Alan. John MacIver (of Impartial Investigations) started the process of locating him and yesterday, John contacted me to say contact had been made. I must say that John’s way of going about his business was meticulous, honest and ethical. It took a while but his company never gave up and I am very thankful to him.”

Testimonial – brother found after 10 years

Gus Macfarlane had been looking for his brother Colin for more than 10 years. We followed up a lot of leads until we finally struck gold. Colin phoned us and asked: “Who is looking for me?” After an emotional phone call between them, Gus wrote on Missing People Scotland: “I must thank John MacIver for him and his company (Impartial Investigations) for locating my brother Colin McFarlane whom l had been searching for over 10 years and last week we were in contact with each other.”

Testimonial – son found after 11 years

In April 2021, a client in India asked us to find a family member last heard of studying in Scotland 11 years ago. There were enough clues in communications with his family from years ago to follow them up. We had to visit various addresses in central Scotland until we got a positive lead. That lead promised to pass on a message. He did. The next day, the missing man called us. He had experienced difficulties but he promised to contact his family back in India. Another excellent result.

Evidence of some of these successes is available on request for bona fide enquiries. We love it when clients praise us and then post it publicly and let us publish it too. We are very grateful for that.

Remember, if you need help to find someone, please get in touch at our Contact Us page or fill in our Authority Form.

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