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Something has happened at your organisation. As you are the boss you need to get the full facts as quickly as possible so you think about workplace investigations. A word of caution, however. After initial assessment and briefing, you workplace investigationsshould never try and gather the full facts yourself. There are many reasons for that, including the fact that bosses may not be perceived as unbiased. Unfortunate, but true. The last thing you want is allegations of a management cover-up.

It is also important that none of your top team are involved in the probe. They will need to be as independent as possible. Should any disciplinary options need to be examined further down the line they may need to hear evdience. They may need to to be involved in an appeal, for example. They cannot do that if they themselves have been involved in the initial investigation.

If the matter should end up before a court or an employment tribunal, a management-dominated investigation would be unlikely to be seen as very fair to anyone. A costly mistake. Would your reputation recover?workplace investigations

What to do? You could consider outsourcing the investigation process. One course of action would be to instruct independent investigators – like us at Impartial Investigations Scotland. We are experienced in all kinds of interviewing in line with best practice. It would not be a series of heavy interrogations. Nowadays, it’s done differently. It would all be probing, but non-confrontational.

We would need to see and understand all your safety measures, if relevant, as well as your relevant policies and procedures. Then we can start interviewing. Our investigations always follow Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS)  guidelines. You will get a detailed report of our findings.

Would you like to know more about workplace investigations and how Impartial Investigations can help you act fairly and within the law? If so, please contact us at Impartial Investigations Scotland via the Contact Us page.

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