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Private Investigators in Scotland

Services we provide include workplace investigations where we carry out professional interviewing. These investigations are carried out fairly. There are established rules for conducting workplace investigations. They stress the importance of using independent personnel.



Services available from us

    • General enquiries (fact-finding)
    • Workplace investigations
    • Debtor tracing
    • Missing Persons – 1.  Long lost family.
    • Missing Persons – 2. Old friends
    • Missing persons – 3. Unsolved suspicious disappearances
    • Fraud investigations
    • Mobile phone analysis (device forensics)
    • Document forgery checks
    • Document verification
    • Lie detector (polygraph)
    • Background checks
    • Nanny checks
    • Reclaiming refunds due
    • Interviewing witnesses and evidence gathering
    • Re-investigations of unsolved incidents
    • Test purchases
    • Serving legal documents
    • Historic and cold cases
    • Challenging debts due to fraud
    • Formal letters, final demands, letters before action and other formail communications
    • Other assignments – depending on resources and timing. Ask for details.



What does Impartial Investigations do? We gather information. We look for the truth. Our specialised knowledge and experience gets us information that most members of the public cannot get for themselves. We have access to paid-for databases that are not available to individuals outwith investigation roles. Our private investigators are trained to deal with that information in accordance with the data protection laws of the UK.

How can we hire Impartial? Just get in touch and tell us what you need. You will need to send us written instructions (see the form on the Contact Page, or by email, is fine). Of course, we will ask if you wish us to continue if the desired result is not achieved when the Fee Limit is reached.

How much are your fees?  That simply depends on the time we spend on a case. That’s how we charge – our time, plus expenses. See the Rates page. We also may offer a Conditional Fee Arrangement (known as No Win, No Fee) in cases such as Missing Persons.

Why do I need a private investigator? Two main reasons. Firstly, professional investigators have tools and access to databases that the public don’t have. Investigators who are vetted can search databases which tie together a trail of events in a typical person’s life. Changing addresses, for one, is recorded. Some credit records, court records and tribunals are searchable.

Secondly, you should leave sensitive enquiries to someone independent who has experience and training. In other words, getting involved yourself without adequate training in, for example, GDPR, is almost always not a good idea. If you don’t know the relevant privacy laws and have no GDPR training, you can really mess up by trying to investigate for yourself.

When will you update me?  As often as you like. Similarly, if you are happy with verbal or digital updates, we will phone or text you with results immediately.

Are Impartial Investigations personnel licensed?  There is no investigator licensing scheme in the UK. We think licensing should be brought in, as does the Association of British Investigators of which we are full members. That is why you should ensure you get an investigator who is properly trained and accountable to an industry professional association. There are many amateur so-called investigators about who will charge you even though they have no formal training and don’t actually know what they are doing.

Does Impartial Investigations ever work for free?  Yes. It depends on the job. Also, the client’s circumstances, any other work we have in progress and what we think is the right thing to do.

See our Rates page.  Get in touch now at Contact Us.

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