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Private Investigators Scotland

Services we provide include workplace investigations where we carry out professional interviewing. These investigations are carried out fairly. There are established rules for conducting workplace investigations. They stress the importance of using independent personnel.

  1. Standard Investigations (by phone, email or video link) General enquiries are generally done by telephone. For example, an employer may give us the names and contact details of everyone to contact and interview. We call individuals to make an appointment for a phone / video link interview. Employees may call us back later on a Freephone 0800 number.
  2. Investigative Interviews (face-to-face)  Structured interviews can vary in duration – depending on the client’s instructions. Open-ended fact-finding interviews with employees are best. Moreover, we conduct them according to the guidance of the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). We use ACAS recommended plan and report templates. If terms of reference ask us make a recommendation, we will do so.


Background checks    

Can include verification of driving record, financial status, educational achievements, professional qualifications, etc. Also, we close scrutiny of references and interviews with referees. In addition, we can check criminal records in some cases. Avoiding bad hires can save your organisation a lot of time and trouble. So, just send us the CV. We check for exaggerations or downright lies.  This service has found convicted fraudsters applying for jobs with financial responsibilities.


List of services 

    • General enquiries (fact-finding)
    • Workplace investigations
    • Debtor tracing
    • Missing Persons – 1.  Long lost family.
    • Missing Persons – 2. Old friends
    • Missing persons – 3. Unsolved suspicious disappearances
    • Fraud investigations (Scotland)
    • Mobile phone analysis (device forensics)
    • Background checking
    • Reclaiming refunds due
    • Interviewing witnesses and evidence gathering
    • Mystery hotel guest programmes (comprehensive in Scotland)
    • Re-investigations of unsolved incidents
    • Historic and cold cases
    • Challenging debts due to fraud
    • Formal letters, final demands, letters before action and other communications
    • Other assignments – depending on resources and timing. Ask for details.

What do we do? We gather information. Our specialised knowledge and experience gets us information that most members of the public do not know how to get. Our private investigators are also in Inverness. Glasgow.

How can we hire you? Just get in touch and see if we can help. You will need to send us written instructions (the form on the Contact Page, or by email is fine). Of course, we will ask if you wish to continue if the desired result is not achieved when the Fee Limit is reached.

How much are your fees?  That depends on our time spent on a case. That’s how we charge – our time, plus expenses. See the Prices page. We offer a Conditional Fee Arrangement (often known as No Win, No Fee) in some cases, such as Missing Persons.

Why do I need a private investigator?  Maybe you should leave sensitive enquiries to someone independent who has experience. In other words, getting involved yourself is almost always not a good idea.

When will you update me?  As often as you like. Similarly, if you are happy with verbal or digital updates, we will phone or text you with results immediately.

Does Impartial Investigations ever work for free?  Yes. It depends on the job. Also, the client’s circumstances, any other work we have in progress and what we think is the right thing to do.

See our Rates page.  Get in touch now at Contact Us.

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