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Rates   Rates

Rates shown are always for our time – except in fixed-fee cases. When you instruct us (order a service), we will give you an initial fee estimate. If it looks like our time and charges are set to exceed that estimate, we will come back to you with a Progress Report on what has been achieved up to that point and ask whether you wish us to continue.

   Our Standard Rates – per assigned investigator:

……£30 per half-hour or part thereof
……£50 per hour or part thereof
……£160 per half-day (up to four hours) or part thereof
……£280 per day (up to eight hours) or part thereof.

      £40.00 Minimum charge for any assignment

Sometimes we will agree to No Win No Fee (see below).

Time is also charged for:
• All travel. Mileage charges and other out-of-office expenses may also apply.
• Investigators’ time spent writing long reports, such as detailed Progress Reports for court – unless clients specifically request a verbal report by telephone. There is no charge for a verbal report (which may also include a short emailed summary).


We cannot begin any enquiries for a client without Written Instructions which properly identify the client (if an individual) or client organisation with a named contact (if corporate). Instructions by email or the form on this website’s Contact Us page are also acceptable. Instructions are confidential.

For most enquiries, you will also need to send us a Letter of Authorisation (by email is fine) in which you confirm that you have given us permission to make enquiries on your behalf. This letter is not always private as we may have to produce it to prove we are working on behalf of a client. However, if we are asked not to disclose client details, we will not do so – except to police officers who demand it in the course of their duties, or in response to court orders.

By instructin g us, you agree that we can verify who you are and, sometimes, do a standard New Client Background Check.

Unless you are a repeat client and have an account with us, the first fee estimate is always payable in advance on all assignments. After a first payment, all clients – whether private or corporate – may apply to open a monthly account.

You will be invoiced by our consulting company – not by Impartial Investigations (unless you would prefer that). The invoicing is by email. Our invoice may be paid online using a debit or credit card. You may also pay us by bank transfer, or by Paypal. Ask us for bank or Paypal details. Sorry, we cannot accept a final payment by cheque.

Refunds and Cancellations are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


We may agree to a conditional fee arrangement (often referred to as No Win, No Fee) for certain kinds of assignments. The minimum rates for any basic enquiry is £80 (non-refundable after our enquiries commence). The minimum fee for a ‘no-success, no-fee’ arrangement is £100.

Example – Tracing People
We will sometimes offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement for tracing persons. That will depend on the amount and quality of information you supply us. Ask for a quotation of our rates after we have considered the material you supply. If there is no success after the agreed period, you will received a summary of enquiries made and your fee will be refunded in total.
Commercial organisations giving us multiple tracing orders do not pay a deposit and also receive generous discounts.

We will sometimes agree to work for a fixed fee.


    Standard price per candidate (with CV supplied by client):
      Job history £30. Trade qualifications £30. University £30. College £30. School qualifications £30.
    Bundle (all available):
£80 per candidate (earning up to £25k)
£100 per candidate (earning £25k pa or more)

If you cannot supply the applicant’s CV, the above charges shall not apply. Our charges will then be time-based, as set out at the top of this page. If previous employers, school, etc., are not known, we may have to set a fee limit for each stage as our enquiries may have to be extensive.

How to Order

For all assignments, we will require the client to send us written instructions (email is fine). Some services will require you to send us Written Authorisation (we can send you an email form for this) which we can use to prove to other parties, if necessary, that we are conducting enquiries on your behalf and with your consent. Ordering any of our services is confirmation of our clients’ acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Travel and accommodation
Mileage and accommodation expenses will apply when necessary. Clients should bear in mind that our investigators are mainly based in Scotland – although we do carry out many investigations nowadays throughout the UK using technology including, of course, the telephone, email and video links.  Most of our investigations nowadays are office-based so we may not require any chargeable travel.

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