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Long-lost family    Long lost family

Missing persons is our speciality and tracing is not just a job for us. We are completely driven to help families find their loved ones who they have not seen for at least five years. If the missing person has settled at a new address, whether with a partner or without, there is a good chance we will find them even where other professionals have failed.

How do we do it? We do three things.

1. Background

We get as much information as possible from the searcher. That is a great way to get the ball rolling. We will need photos (if you have any), background details of the split whether as a result of a row or just drifting apart, and a date of birth. We stress that dates of birth are extremely important for us in the way we search.

2. Databases

We are constantly searching databases for people. Because of our membership of various bodies and the fact that we have been checked to make sure we have no criminal records, we have access to databases that the public do not. Technology is a great help for searching and for narrowing down and eliminating possible targets.

3. Old fashioned legwork

We phone people up, have a chat about what they know and we get passed clues. We send letters and knock on doors to ask people if they are who we are looking for. People are generally very helpful when they realise we are not trying to scam them and we tell them why we are asking. They usually help as much as they can.

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