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TipoffsTipoffs help the truth come out

Tipoffs are very important to Impartial Investigations. We understand that you may not want to speak directly to our staff or to the police. The police have powers to interrogate people. They detain people. We are not the police. By calling us, you are doing us a big favour. So you may call our free voicemail number anytime – day or night.

Our tipoff line is voicemail-only all the time. You will never have to speak to anyone. Not a police officer nor any of our staff.

You decide what you want to do. Leave your contact details if you wish, and we will call you back. If not, you simply don’t have to. Would you prefer to send us an email? You can do that too. Would you actually like to talk to one of our investigators – without any obligation? You can do that too.  

If you have important information for Impartial Investigations, do not put it off.
Please contact us – even anonymously.

Tipoff line: 0800  832  1678

(24-hour voicemail only)

Or email your tipoff to: tipoff@mm.st

If you want to speak to an investigator in our office, see Contact Us.

If a crime is involved, you should consider calling CrimeStoppers.

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