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If you need to trace a long-lost family member or members, please get in touch. We will do what we can to help. Our investigators David Harris and John Maciver are experienced at using tools like public information records, subscription-based databases and other consumer data to find persons that members of the public simply cannot. You will be amazed what we can find out.

When we were doing free searches at the end of 2020 and in early 2021, we were able to help many people who had posted on the Facebook group Missing People Scotland.  We are still working on some of these cases because we really don’t like having to give up. Of course, if someone is determined to disappear, it may be impossible to find them. Few people, however, do that.

We have found that missing people will go because of a family row or misunderstanding. Things can get too much. They feel unappreciated or that they are being picked on. We have also found that many will regret going off like that but still cannot bring themselves to ask to return to their families.

Years later, there can still be the feeling of a bitter stalemate – even though both sides actually want to reunite.

Is it expensive to trace relatives or former friends? 

It can be, but we try and keep the costs down. We set an initial fee limit of £99. That is a conditional fee arrangement – in other words, no win, no fee.

We will need you to provide us with the full names of the subject, parents, siblings, spouses, and last but not least, the Date of Birth. We can do loads of useful searching with a DOB. We will also do all the primary searches – databases, writing to possible subjects and their neighbours, and phoning possible contacts for information. In our experience, that is what most clients will have to pay. If we do not get a recent address (within the last six months) for the subject, the client pays nothing.

If we need to then start personal visits or take other actions which incur costs to us, we will come back to you and ask if you wish us to continue. We will set another fee limit and we will work up to that fee limit. It is that stage, that you will start incurring charges.

How can we make cost-effective inquiries in London or in Australia? Easy. We are part of a large network of private investigators around the UK and around the world because we are members of the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). They will work for us – at reasonable rates – in almost every country.

OK. Where do I sign up?

The first step is to confirm in writing that you are giving us authority to begin a search. Go to impartialinvestigations.co.uk/authority

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