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Impartial is a member of the Association of British Investigators

ABIABI is our badge of trust

UPDATE – John has since been certified as a Full Member of the ABI.

Impartial Investigations is a member of the Association of British Investigators (the ABI).  One of our partners, David, is a Full Member. The other, John, is a Provisional Member who is working towards Full Membership.

Aren’t all private investigators licenced in the UK?

No. There is no licencing system in the UK. That is why the industry is full of absolute rogues. That’s the truth. Many so-called “private investigators” have criminal records. Anyone can call themselves a PI and make money from gullible clients who lose money because they don’t bother to check their credentials.

Never hire a PI without checking they are part of a reputable industry association which checks their criminal record – like the Association of British Investigators (the ABI). The ABI is also pressing for government licencing to weed out the incompetents and the crooks. That’s to get rid of the many dodgy operators who see themselves as a latter-day Sherlock Holmes but who have no clue how they will ensure data and client protection.

What does ABI membership mean?

It means that the ABI has checked our personal references and credit worthiness at Impartial Investigations. It has also checked that we don’t have criminal records. Our public liability insurance has been checked by the ABI to protect our clients in case a mistake or an accident happens. It also means that we know about data protection and, specifically, the rules over GDPR. That is important as dealing with data is actually what private investigation is all about.

ABI membership also means that we must follow the ABI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards. The Law Society of Scotland has the ABI as an approved supplier and it is also endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales. No other body in this industry has that level of trust.

Are all private investigators members of the ABI or some such body?

Sadly, no. There are other associations for private investigators. Some, however, are better than others at checking their members actually know what they are doing and keep within the law. To some of us, some associations appear not to do enough – or care enough – to ensure protections for their members’ clients are in place.

I need an investigator but I don’t know who to choose.

If you choose a rogue investigator who pretends to know what they are doing – or who is a convicted criminal fraudster, it could cost you dearly. There are literally hundreds of them scattered around the UK. By all means call Impartial Investigations and we will answer your questions to see if we fit your requirements.

Or call the ABI on 020 8191 7500 or email them at  Secretariat@theABI.org.uk and they will keep you right with the best advice.




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